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Baltimore limousines

Trip Planning & Special Services

At Baltimore Limousines, we offer not only transportation but also help organizing your occasion. Our management staff has contacts at restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more throughout the Baltimore area, ensuring the experiences you want at a price you can afford


Use Baltimore Limousines For your Airport Transfer

If you are looking for a transfer to an airport, we can certainly do that. Serving BWI, Dulles, Reagan National, Philadelphia International, Newark Airport, La Guardia (New York City) and JFK (New York City), we travel to each of them 24 hours a day. Using our Yukon Denali for smaller parties (2-5 people), we also use our limos for those transfers as well. Please call for quotes, and a recommendation on which vehicle you might need depending on luggage and the number of people that are traveling. 


Use Baltimore limousines for your Graduation

Whether it's graduation form kindergarten (yes, it happens), middle school, or high school, we do them all. This is a great time for your child to celebrate a new stage in their life beginning/ending. Take into consideration how hard they have worked and what they have done to accomplish this next step in life.


Use baltimore Limousines for Your Nights out on the town

Think of this as the responsible decision. Whether you grab cabs or have a designated driver, getting a limo is a much safer alternative: that way everyone can drink and you can bring your drinks with you! How better to celebrate, but to know that all of your friends are there and celebrating with you? Know that by each of you grabbing cabs to a central location and taking cabs isn't necessarily the cheapest means of transportation. Being able to bring drinks in the car is part of the fun, so take advantage of it. 


Use Baltimore Limousines For Your Birthday Parties

Whether this night is your own, your child's, a friend or your companion; make sure that you have planned ahead. With 6-20 friends all going to the same location, it is better/safer to take one vehicle to the place(s) you want to go. Plus the specials we offer you, we can save you some money as well! And it is is even safer when you designated driver driving you. Let us know that it is your birthday and we will try to work our magic to make it as special of a day as we can. 



Use Baltimore Limousines For Your Bachelor/bachelorette Parties

You have the rest of your married life to be good, so as the wedding countdown begins, grab your closest friends and let Baltimore Limousines help put in the "sin" back in the single! Baltimore Limousines offers exclusive relationships with bars and adult entertainment spots throughout the area, giving you the opportunity to plan a night like no other company can provide. If you can imagine it, we can help plan it (and we promise that your secrets are safe with us!). Whether you stay local or take your party to New York or Atlantic City, Baltimore Limousines is your one stop for all of your party needs!



Use Baltimore Limousines for some Nightlife Fun

Here's where renting with Baltimore Limousines really pays off. Our management staff has built relationships with several places in each of the "hot spot" areas of town and restaurants that serve some of the best food in town. It is our way of saving you money. 



Use Baltimore Limousines For Weddings

Make the happiest day of your life the easiest. With reliability unlike any of our competitors, we will ensure that your special day is flawless. We offer the following packages but we are happy to work with you to make the day the best ever! 

           Premier Wedding Package- This package includes transportation for the bridal party and groomsmen to the church or ceremony site, transportation for the bride and groom, wedding party if desired, to the receptions. It ends with the relaxing trip to the hotel for the bride and groom.

           Deluxe Wedding Package- This package offers 3 hours for you to use in any way you wish. Most often we provide transportation for the wedding party to the church and then to the reception. We realize every wedding is unique, so we will accommodate your needs. 

           Wedding Transfer Package- This pick-up/drop-off option is a simple way to add some extra magic to your day. Whether it is delivering the bridal party to the church or providing transportation to the reception, this is an easy way to make your wedding day a little more special. Call for availability, as this service can be limited during peak seasons.